You are student

You enrolled for the first time in a higher education etablishment

Higher education establishments include universities, IUT (Institute Of Technology), IUFM (Teacher Training University Institute), STS (Section for higher Technicians), the "Classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles" (CPGE), Engineering Schools, Business, Management, Sales and Accouting schools, Paramedical and Social Schools, etc.

You know your social security number

You can find it on your carte vitale. You just have to note the social security number on the 13 characters and the key on 2 characters

You do not forget your student card's scan or your school enrolment certificate's scan

You can submit a personal RIB to allow the payment of your next refunds


If you fullfill all there requirements, you can register

Specific cases

You are already registered for student social security Click here
You are a foreign student Click here

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